·       Architects:  FBW Architecten

·       Location: Dar ES Salam.

·       Status: Complete ( 2019)

The project is situated in a former military zone on the Northern Coast of Dar es Salaam, about 30km away from the city centre.

The area has been redeveloped as an upmarket residential neighborhood in which, according to 21st century Tanzanian fashion, Western architectural typologies have been built.

The Mbweni house, on the other hand, sets itself apart from this Westernised copy-paste housing by evoking austerity in a modest, but distinct building volume.

The project also responds to its specific climatic and cultural environment through its autarchic and vernacular design.

The building has been designed as a longitudinal box inside a box and is situated diagonally on a platform to ensure a long vista.

It is a complete double scheme with double facades and an inverted roof over a flat roof.

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