• Architects: Traffic; ian nazareth, venkatesh natarajan, temitope adesina, winston shu you
  • Location: Kakamega County, Kenya.
  • Status: Shortlisted For Entry.

As part of the one heart foundation eco village international design competition 2016, trans-disciplinary studio traffic presents its shortlisted project entry for a learning community in Kenya. The proposal demonstrates the impact a good design can have on children’s quality of life as well as the role of architecture in providing nurturing environments for abused and poor families.

The learning community challenges traditional education by introducing several ideas pertinent to pedagogical models and environments. These are demonstrated by engaging with multiple hierarchies simultaneously.

They include indoor /outdoor educational hubs, formal and self-directed learning, scalable spaces (for group activities or lectures), and breakout zones with habitable circulation throughout primary and secondary schools.

All of them amplify a ‘between-ness’ and intersection of activities. While beneficial to the entire cohort, the program primarily addresses the low attendance rates of local children by encouraging new teaching methods and frameworks inhabit the building in various formats. 

The studio also experiments with fluid surfaces and geometries, mathematically generating a sequence of lines and potentials. These are mapped through a close analysis of the site, specificities of the brief and response to existing tree cover.

Indeed, the structures and open spaces organize themselves across and around nodes of vortices in a tessellated design of ‘lines of force’ reacting to the presence and intensity of other focal points.

The final effect develops spatial adjacencies and internal relationships between programs or define territories and boundaries.

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